Your home energy partner.
 Your home energy partner.

EnergizeRVA: Richmond's Energy Efficiency Program

We want to make trimming your utility bill as simple as possible.  We've put together a package of basic efficiency measures that we can bring right to your door.  And we invite you to join in!  An energy efficiency education is included in every visit, so you can learn things to apply to your next home or share with your friends and family.


Start by signing up for our $40 home energy assessment here.  You will receive a list of recommendations to improve your home's performance, as well as a customized estimate for an efficiency package. 


Our energy efficiency package may include some or all of the following items, depending on what your home needs:

  • LED light bulb upgrade (we offer a range of watts and size options)
  • Hot water pipe insulation
  • Smart powerstrips
  • Sealing of air leaks in the attic and around windows, doors, and baseboards
  • Water heater blankets
  • Reusable HVAC filters
  • Efficient showerheads and faucet aerators
  • Attic access covers

Income-qualified homeowners:  Start here!


We offer our energy efficiency package at no cost to you, if your income falls in these ranges.  These income brackets are for homeowners who make TOO much money to qualify for federal or utility-funded programs, but are still below the area median income.  


If your income falls BELOW the lowest number OR you are 60+ years old, please contact us for information on programs that are available to you.  We can be reached at or 804-525-7653.

Income-qualified homeowners: fill out our 5-minute online application today!

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