Your home energy partner.
 Your home energy partner.

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Helping You Become More Energy Efficient

Step 1) Home Energy Check-Up

A simple on-site review of your home’s energy use by an expert Energy Coach takes the guesswork out of home energy.  We request a $40 donation, if you are in a position to do so.  The visits take 1 hour on average and scheduling times are flexible.


Step 2) Contractor Referral

All contractors working with RREA are certified as Building Analysts by the Building Performance Institute, a national nonprofit that trains and certifies home energy performance contractors.  Each contractor must also maintain a minimum level of insurance and have a valid contractor’s license.  After we complete your Home Energy Check-up, we will refer you to a contractor that best suits your project. All of our contractors provide free estimates.

Step 3) Financial Incentives and Financing Information

We will provide you with all federal, state and local financial incentives,  to identify options to finance the retrofit, and the benefits of our solar bulk purchasing program.


Step 4) Home Performance with ENERGY STAR

If your energy retrofit captures at least a 20% energy savings, we will certify your home with Home Performance with ENERGY STAR.  It is a national program that is listed on the Richmond-area MLS as a recognized green building label.  Your contractor will determine if you qualify.


Step 5) Quality Assurance Program

RREA staff review 100% of all home energy assessments and proposals submitted by our contractors to ensure quality work.

RREA performs an onsite quality assurance audit of 10% of all projects to ensure contractors are adhering to RREA’s quality standards.


Other Programs


Energy efficiency and solar power go together like peanut butter and jelly.  In addition to saving money and making your home more comfortable, efficient homes are perfect candidates for solar panels.  Lower energy demand means a smaller system and a faster return on investment.  


Are you ready for solar?  We've lined up the equipment, prequalified the installer, negotiated the pricing, and set up a financing option. Solar is no longer a thing of the future – it makes sense right here, right now.  Find out more about how we're making solar simple:



Our newest program uses volunteers to install approachable energy savings measures for qualified homeowners.  Volunteers - whether they come from the community or are the DIY-minded homeowners themselves, will learn basic techniques to save energy in a home.  The average EnergizeRVA homeowner saves 10% on their energy bill as a result.


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