April 2020

Since 2010, RREA has provided the Richmond, Virginia region with technical assistance, quality referrals, discounts and rebates for efficiency and solar energy, research, advocacy, and leadership to promote and deploy clean energy solutions.

In April 2020, RREA is merging with Viridiant, the Richmond-based non-profit that has led the effort to provide green building certification and technical expertise to Virginia since 2006.

RREA’s staff will be establishing a new Department of Community Energy Services under the Viridiant name to continue bringing energy audits, financial assistance, technical expertise, and education directly to homes, businesses, and organizations in Richmond and beyond.

This partnership with Viridiant will leverage their combined resources to reach more clients and increase the net positive impact in the community.

Over the last ten years, RREA

  • served as the local sponsor/manager of the federal Home Performance with ENERGY STAR residential energy retrofit program using approved contractors and quality control system;

  • coordinated the SolarizeRVA bulk purchasing campaign that generated more than a half a megawatt of solar capacity at local homes and businesses;

  • offered the EnergizeRVA program that brought energy improvements to local low-income residents and trained volunteer workers;

  • provided hundreds of energy audits for homes and businesses across the region;

  • led the effort to make Property-Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) and other clean energy financing innovations available in Virginia;

  • conducted a multi-family affordable housing Benchmarking study to better understand energy use in this critical sector; and

  • provided outreach support to the RVA Solar Fund campaign which obtained more than 3 megawatts of solar installations at area schools and non-profits.


Many thanks to our clients and customers, the hundreds of Richmond-area families who welcomed us into their homes, their attics and crawlspaces and roofs, to learn about how to save money, save energy, go solar, improve indoor air quality, and do a good deed for the environment. Your decisions to make those investments of time and energy have added up to measurable reductions in our local carbon footprint and more local jobs while increasing your health, comfort, energy security, and economic bottom line.


Our partnerships with dozens of local businesses were critical to getting this work done.


Special thanks also to the many funders of RREA’s work: the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act; the Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals, and Energy: the Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance; Elevate Energy; the Rockefeller Brothers Fund; the Virginia Housing Development Authority; the ConseRVAtion fund at the Community Foundation for a greater Richmond, and others.


We extend special gratitude to Lee Householder and the rest of the staff at project:HOMES who provided RREA’s institutional home as well as untold material support and logistical assistance over the years.


Finally, we recognize the talented staff and dedicated board members who led RREA through ten years of service:


Staff: Lauren DiRenzo, Hannah Fuerhoff, Bill Greenleaf, Andrew Grigsby, Susan Hill, Danielle Leonard, and Emma Manganaris


Board Members: Lee Alford, Art Bowen, Paul Braese, Karl Bren, Marion Cake, Joel Eisen, Stephen Evanko (board chair for all ten years), Todd Flowers, Jacek Ghosh, Basil Gooden, Rob Hazelton, Michael Hubbard, Barbara Jacocks, Joe Lenzi, Joe Lerch, Bob Newman, Michael Pellis, Damian Pitt, James Quigg, Mark Slack, Jackie Stewart, Allan Stoddard, Brian Sullivan, Mark Waring, Jerry Walker, Kerri Walker, Robert Woods, and Alicia Zatcoff

Find us at viridiant.org/energy-services.

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