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Welcome to SolarizeRVA. By working together as a community, RREA is making solar easier and more affordable than ever before. If you'd like to learn more about the SolarizeRVA program or sign up for your free solar assessment, please use the form below to contact us.  


Sign up for your Free Assessment

Fill out our form to be contacted about a solar evaluation. Our pre-qualified solar contractor will contact you to size up your roof, carport canopy, or ground lot, as well as explain the details of a solar installation, and answer any questions you have about going solar. 

Receive Proposal & Sign Contract

Our pre-qualified solar contractor will design the perfect system for your home or business, taking into account your energy consumption needs, the orientation of your building or lot, any shading concerns, as well as your available budget.


Install Solar System

Our pre-qualified solar contractor will make one or more site visits to gather all the information necessary to obtain all permits, develop all structural and engineering designs, order materials and equipment, and schedule your turn-key installation. 

Generate Electricity & Receive Benefits

Once your system is up and running, you generate clean, renewable electricity, either using it, or storing it on the grid or in a battery storage solution.  Through "net energy metering," you get a one-to-one, kilowatt hour-for-kilowatt hour credit on your bill for every unit of electricity produced and put back on the electric grid. 



As an added bonus, building owners with roofs in need of upgrades may be able to include the cost of the roofing improvements into the 26% federal tax credit. Combined with the depreciation allowance for the new roof and solar system, the return on investment is even greater. For agricultural enterprises, grant funding for investment in renewable energy and energy efficiency is available from the USDA.


The size of the system you choose will depend on many factors including your roof space and orientation, your budget and how much electricity your family uses.

Note: The SolarizeRVA price is a cash discount price for a roof-mounted turnkey solar electric system with string inverters. Your home or business may have special factors that could cause the price to increase and your contractor will identify those issues up front and include those in the price quote. For example, if you have some shading on your roof from trees, your contactor may recommend advanced technology to reduce the impact of shading on your systems performance. Or your organization could require additional engineering reports driven by commercial codes. Additionally, some roofs may require structural upgrades or may not accommodate solar systems and a ground mounted system may be required. Some roofs may also require additional costs for specialized installation equipment such as cranes. And as stated, the above prices are cash discount prices only, and if you are interested in financing your solar system, your Contractor can provide you a financing quote based on your specific needs and credit history.



Do we get enough sun in Richmond?

Absolutely — we receive almost as much solar radiation as Miami does annually. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory collects and publishes data on the average solar radiation for the entire US.

What is net energy metering?

Net energy metering is a special metering and billing agreement between you and your electric utility. Normally your electric meter spins forward as it measures how many kilowatt-hours of electricity you buy. A net energy metering agreement allows you to use the electricity you generate first, reducing what you would normally buy from your electric utility. If you generate more electricity than you use, the excess goes through your electric meter and into the grid, spinning your meter backward. Your meter records the net amount, measured as the difference between the electricity your system generates and the electricity you purchase from your electric utility.

What happens if the grid goes down?

"Grid-tied" or interconnected solar PV systems typically do not have battery back-up systems. If a power outage occurs, your solar PV system will automatically shut down to protect utility workers. However, with recent advances in technology, we can offer a system above base price that can power some of your electronics and appliances in your home when the sun is out and the power grid is down — all without batteries.

Is solar right for my home or business?

We will need to check your roof for structural soundness, orientation to the sun, shading, and other details. Unfortunately, solar doesn't work for every situation. Still, solar can work for roughly half of structures assessed. Even if your home or business isn't in a good spot for solar right now, we'll keep you updated as new options become available.

Who installs the systems?

SolarizeRVA reached out to installers across Metro Richmond looking for the best deals for Richmond Region residents. After review, we awarded the contract to a  local solar installation company, Concentric (formerly known as Integrated Power Sources of Virginia), with an exceptional reputation and track record. When you participate in SolarizeRVA, they'll handle all the technical details — the permitting, the design, and the installation. Your contract is between the solar installer and you.  The Richmond Region Energy Alliance is not a party to the contract.

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